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Arab nurse saves Jewish victim                                 Passing of Chuck Kopp,

                  during recent riots                                pioneering Messianic Pastor

                                                                  Chuck Kopp, who was pastor of Narkis
                                                                  Bap st Church, Jerusalem for more
                                                                  than 24 years, passed away recently
                                                                  a er suffering from Parkinson disease
                                                                  for a period of  me. He also served
                                                                  for 20 years as the chair of the
                                                                  Evangelical Alliance of Israel (EAI),
                                                                  which enabled him to frequently
                                                                  represent Chris an interests in Knesset commi ees and
                                                                  a end  the Government Chris an Forum. Between 1966
                                                                  to 1989 he managed the “Zion house,” a bookshop, coffee
                                 (courtesy of Galilee Medical Center)
                                                                  house and church based at 33 Prophet Street. He was
         The recent confronta on between Israeli police and
                                                                  greatly loved and valued by Messianic believers and Arab
         Pales nian Muslims at the Temple Mount, became the
                                                                  Chris ans alike.
         catalyst for further violent riots to erupt in Jewish-Arab
         ci es around the country, including areas that had long   His son Danny said of his father, “He worked with
         been places of coexistence. Acre was one such town.
                                                                  everyone and loved everyone. He really believed the
                                                                  Pales nians were equally important to God, but he also
         On Wednesday 12th May, Fadi Kasem, a nurse at the        insisted that the crea on of the State of Israel and the
         Galilee Medical Centre in Haifa, joined a sheikh with the   return of Jews to the land was from God. And when I say
         inten on of seeking to bring calm. He came across Mor    that he loved all, it’s not just Jews and Arabs. He was also
         Janashvili, Jewish man who had been badly beaten by an   connected with the African and Philippine churches that
         Arab mob carrying stones, s cks and knives. Fadi applied
                                                                  were established here, and was ac ve among them. I feel
         first aid and then had him taken to hospital.
                                                                  the body of Christ here in Israel is very divided, especially
                                                                  along theological and poli cal lines, but my father was
         One week later on the surgical ward, the two men         one of the few who a ended everyone’s conferences on
         reunited and hugged and shared their experiences. Mor    all sides. He was a bridge in that way.”
         Janashvili spoke of his joy at the reunion with Fadi Kasem.
         Kasem stated “I do not care about religion or skin colour,   Many believe that dis nct gap will be le  in the Body of
         we are all human beings,”                                Messiah in Israel following Chuck Kopp’s passing.
         The two men have promised to stay in touch. “We are like   We pray for the family and the ongoing ministry of the
         a family,” Kasem said. “My home is your home.”
                                                                  Narkis Street Bap st congrega on.

                    Covid restrictions easing, but the pain is not going away!

            Majority of Israel is beginning to open up and ge ng back to some form of normality. Shops and retail outlets are
            reopening, although many sadly, did not make it through covid, gatherings are being permi ed and restaurants are also
            open to those with an bodies and for those that have been immunized.  Tourism however, is s ll at a stands ll and hotels
            are empty.

            Many people are now suffering financially due to the forced closures or unemployment,
            causing them to fall behind in their payments. While unemployment benefit is available, for
            most the payments do not even cover the basics. For them the troubles are not going away,
            but just beginning and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.
            Focus on Israel have been helping to support a number of families and individuals during the
            pandemic and we envisage that this area of our ministry will increase in the coming days.
            Congrega ons such as City of Life, Sderot, see community welfare as a vital opportunity to
            share the love of Yeshua with both Jewish and Arab communi es.

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