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NEWS IN BRIEF               Latest news snippets from Israel & UK

           Rabbi racially attacked in Essex

          On 16th May while Rabbi Rafi Goodwin was              semi sm in the UK since the escala on of the
          driving away from his Synagogue in Chigwell,         recent conflict in Israel.
          Essex, two teenagers jumped out in front of him
          and began shou ng insults to Judaism and             However, Cllr Jas Athwal, leader of Redbridge
          a acking his car.                                    Council, commented that while Essex Police
          As he got out of the car to protest at their ac ons   consider this to have been an an -Semi c hate
          they proceeded to brutally beat him with a           crime, that they are not linking the mo ves of this
          weapon and then steal his phone. The Rabbi was       crime to heightened tensions in the Middle East
          later was admi ed to hospital. Both of the           and the current hos li es in Israel and Pales ne.
          a ackers were of an Asian background.
                                                               Two men have since been arrested as suspects of
          There has been an increase of acts of  an -          this crime.

           Tunnel crossing between Lebanon and Israel went 22 storeys deep

         During the recent confronta on one of the IDF's targets were the myriad of
         underground tunnels that have been dug by Hamas between Gaza and
         Recently, the Israeli army showed the inside of a highly developed tunnel
         that lay deep underground from Lebanon's border into northern Israel.
         They stated that the tunnel was intended to be used by Hezbollah militants.
         The tunnel was about the height of a 22-storey building, fi ed with
         electrical wiring, fuse boxes and communica ons equipment. The IDF
         explained that it started nearly a mile inside Lebanon and reached depths
         of some 80 meters (265 feet) as it crossed into Israel, close to the town of

             Abbas delays first Palestinian elections in 15 years, blaming Israel

          On Friday 30th April Mahmoud Abbas, Pales nian President postponed the planned elec ons yet again,
          blaming Israel for crea ng uncertainty whether it would allow elec ons to proceed in East Jerusalem as
          well as in the occupied West Bank and Gaza. However, many Pales nians consider this to be an excuse
          to avoid elec ons because of ongoing divisions within the Fatah party and the poten al loss to Hamas,
          as it did in 2006.
          When Abbas was first elected as Pales nian President in 2005, there was to follow elec ons every 4
          years. This has never happened and he has remained unelected for the past 10 years.

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