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        There is another way where each believer can be a      only that, but we should see and treat each person
        miniature reflec on of the holy.                        as a small sanctuary, each child is a precious
        Have you forgo en that your body is now the            sanctuary; a place where the divine presence

        sacred temple of the Spirit of Holiness, who lives in   wants to reside, while we walk on this earth.
        you? You don't belong to yourself any longer, for
                                                               It is also a place where we house and feed on the
        the gi  of God, the Holy Spirit, lives inside your
                                                               word of God. In every Synagogue the Aron Ha
        sanctuary. 1 Corinthians 6:19.
                                                               Kodesh is where the Torah scroll is kept. If my body
                                                               is a temple, it reminds me not Leave it to someone

                                                               else to spoon feed me one day a week with the
                                                               word of God, but to feed on it daily.  When we get

                                                               this, our heart and soul will shine a li le bit of the
                                                               light of Yeshua every day to those around us and

                                                               who we meet.

                                                               Finally, when we gather together as a believing

                                                               community, we are not coming to a shell of a place
                                                               that we call church, but we are drawing close to
                                                               experiencing a glimpse or a taste of what is to

        .................................................................................  come and touch the essence of Holy one of Israel.
        Each one of us are called a Mikdash a sanctuary or
                                                               By recognising ourselves as a mini temple, each
        temple, and in Jewish terms we are considered a
                                                               one of us carries with us to the corporate temple, a
        miniature or individual reflec on of the Beit ha
                                                               spark of the Holy Spirit, that is like kindling for His
        mikdash – House of the holy (The temple).
                                                               fire to set alight. Can you imagine what would
                                                               happen to our families, our communi es, our
        The purpose of the temple is not just about
                                                               na on if every believer in every church believed
        religious prac ce or tradi on but about finding our
                                                               this, taught this and lived this - Wow!
        way to the Holy of Holies, the place where before
        the veil was removed the Cohen Gadol (high priest)     The outside world may be changing around us, and
        touched or experienced the very presence of the        the church may not have the influence that they

        Holy Living God. So we recognise, as Paul reminds      once thought they did, but each of us does have
        us, that our body holds something so precious, a       control of what is inside of us.  If we want to have a
        private divine place where heaven and earth can        fresh corporate impact on those in the world

        meet. It is an inner sanctuary where the divine        around, we first start by focussing on our own olam
        spark of the Ruach Ha kadesh, the Holy Spirit can      katan, miniature world that is a reflec ng of the
        reside in us.                                          divine, and a mini sanctuary for the presence of the

                                                               Holy to reside.
        It is a powerful concept when we grasp the
        understanding that this body is a miniature
        sanctuary and we should be trea ng it as such. Not

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                                                OCUS ON ISRAEL - SPRING 2021
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