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        mirrors who brightly reflect the glory of the Lord      come out of the Covid restric ons do we have an
        Jesus. We are being transfigured into his very          opportunity to do things differently? To build
        image as we move from one brighter level of glory      communi es and not just ‘church’, where people
        to another. And this glorious transfigura on comes      think far wider than just Sundays and possibly a

        from the Lord, who is the Spirit.   2 Corinthians      mid week home-group, or deeper than mere
        3:18.                                                  observance and tradi ons (This is something that
                                                               affects all denomina ons) so that our faith and His
        Over the past twenty to thirty years the idea that
                                                               divine presence permeates every area of our life. A
        Sundays are sacred and dis nct has been eroded,
                                                               community where our children, older youth, young
        now it is considered by most as just another
                                                               adults, singles, families and the elderly all know
        normal day. This concept has in many ways
                                                               that they are a part of something special and leave
        permeated the church too. I remember a  me
                                                               them wan ng more. That our faith in Yeshua is not
        when Sunday's were the Chris an equivalent to the
                                                               about adhering to a set of beliefs, but it is about
        Jewish Shabbat. It was dedicated to worship,
                                                               belonging and becoming too.
        teaching our children, fellowship, physical rest and
        family. Businesses were shut, the church gathered      We can learn a lot from how the Jewish community
        together two or three  mes throughout the day,         do things. More o en than not, they do not just

        a ernoons were for Sunday school to teach our          build a Synagogue where people a end every
        children and dinner was when the family came           Shabbat, they develop a whole complex where all
        together around the table.  Today, we think nothing    ages are catered for throughout the week. Schools,
        of going shopping, dinner is on a tray in front of the   nurseries, elderly homes, gymnasiums, community

        TV, and many churches tend to squeeze their            centres, GP surgeries, Post offices -I could go on. All
        gathering and children's work into one mee ng,         aspects of their community life reflect their faith
        which is  me sensi ve so that the rest of the day is   and sense of belonging. I will never forget the

        free for us to do what we want.                        comment made by a man whose door I had just
                                                               knocked on while doing outreach. “Oh Yeh! You’re
        For the believer, our holy day is meant to be a
                                                               from the place that is six days invisible & one day
        miniature reflec on of what it is going to be like in
                                                               incomprehensible!” I vowed then, that I would aim
        heaven in the presence of the Living God. In
                                                               to help reverse that concept, and to some degree
        Hebrew it is called Olam Ha'ba –The world to
                                                               have achieved it wherever we ministered.
        come. The idea is that everyone gets to taste a li le

        bit of its beauty and wonder, so that all who
        experience it can grasp an understanding of what
        being there in all its fullness would be Like. Is that

        something people experience when they gather
        with us? Do we leave people wan ng more and
        desiring to be a part of God's kingdom?

        How o en do our mindsets and tradi ons limit us
        to just offering services and programmes?  As we

                                               FOCUS ON ISRAEL - SPRING 2021
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