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T h e  D i v i n e

                                                                          EDITORIAL | MARK BAKER | NATIONAL DIRECTOR

        One of the places that I like taking people to visit on a tour is the Israel Museum in
        Jerusalem, where there is a miniature replica of the first century city of Jerusalem as it

        would have been in the  me of Yeshua. It creates for us a wonderful picture of how life

        would have been for the people who lived in that city. Most people, who see it for the first
         me, are wowed by its magnificence and comment “Can you imagine what it would have

        been like to have lived in the real city, it must have been incredible. That temple is so

        impressive, you could not miss it, no wonder the disciples were in awe of it!” It is a li le
        glimpse of Jerusalem's past glory.

        In Genesis we are told that as an ul mate act of       The Hasidic’s teach that each part of a human
        crea on, man is made in the image of God. God          corresponds to a par cular aspect of the universe.
        brings this man, Adam, to life by breathing into       Internally, we contain feelings and emo ons,

        him, His divine breath.                                peace, Joy, love, war, hatred, anger envy and greed.
                                                               It is all there present within us, just as it is in the
        According to ancient Jewish thought, from that
                                                               outside world.
        moment this  ny human being is imbued with a

        presence of the divine. Both Adam and Eve are          It is possible to take this hypothesis further. Why
        seen as miniature reflec ons of God on earth. Later     stop at our bodies, maybe our faith, our corporate
        Rabbi's take this thought further by teaching that     worship, and our personal lives too can all be seen

        when God created man everything that was               as mini reflec ons of God's glory.
        created in the world was created in him too.  So,
                                                               We can all draw close to him with the veil removed
        each human being is an 'Olam Katan', a mini world
                                                               from our faces. And with no veil we all become like
        within themselves.

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