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HOW TO                                       Because I love Zion, I will not keep s ll. Because my
        PRAY FOR                                   heart yearns for Jerusalem, I cannot remain silent. I
                                                   will not stop praying for her un l her righteousness
      ISRAEL                                       shines like the dawn, and her salva on blazes like a

                                                   burning torch. Isaiah 62:1.

      There is so much misinforma on and propaganda surrounding the issue of Israel, it can at  mes be difficult to
      know what to pray for. Focus on Israel has created a ‘Prayer Wheel’ with some important subjects to help you
      cut through the distrac ons and focus on the areas that we believe are close to God’s heart.
      They include issues like - Peace, unity, protec on, reconcilia on, jus ce, righteousness, salva on & forgiveness.

                                              Protection of       Peace
                                              People, Homes      between
                                             Land & Defence

                               Ministries                                      Protection for
                              In The Land                                      The Messianic

                                                Focus On

                      Ongoing Work At
                      St. Paul’s Centre                                                  Local
                                               ISR EL
                         Jerusalem                                                   Team Members

                               Protection                                      Effectiveness
                                Against                                         Of Messianic
                              Antisemitism                                       Ministries

                                           Care & Justice
                                            for all people       Unity Between
                                         who live in the land    Israeli & Arab

       The Apostle Paul reminds us that when praying we must be conscious that we are contes ng against
       spritual powers and not just physical ones who would seek to frustrate the purposes of God. History has
       shown us that a great part of their a en on has been on s rring up hatred against the Jewish people, this
       is because God’s ongoing love and eternal purposes include the people of Israel and the land. So praying for
       Israel is ul mately about praying for the fulfilment of His purposes as opposed to poli cal dominance.

       We really appreciate your partnership with us through your con nued prayers, please remember; your
       prayers ma er and can make a difference. Please consider organising a group prayer in your area.

                                               FOCUS ON ISRAEL - SPRING 2021
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