Bridge-building tours

One of our objectives as a ministry is to link churches in the "West" to Messianic Jewish or Arab Christian fellowships in Israel. Messianic believers in Israel have come to faith in a Jewish context and, sadly, very few gentiles churches are able to reflect the Jewishness of the Gospel or a Jewish expression of church life.

However, there is much we can learn from each other and there are many small congregations in Israel that would love the encouragement of links to Christians outside their own country. Conversely, we can be of service to both Jewish and Arab believers by supporting their efforts to spread the Gospel in their own cultures.

We have advertised this as a tour, but realistically we expect to take individual leaders and their teams from the UK and introduce them personally to opposite numbers in the Land. This is a relational venture and is an exciting way of exploring the cross-cultural differences between gentile Christianity and Jewish or Arab expressions of church.

Please use our contact form to express your interest in this part of our ministry.


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