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Maybe you have already been to Israel at least once and you want to dig deeper, to study the Bible in more detail "on site" - where the events of the bible actually happened!

Our focused Bible study tours are usually based in Jerusalem and are aimed at small groups of up to 10 or 11 people, accommodated in St Paul's Study Centre, our charming and historical base in Jerusalem.

Bible tours are led by Mark Baker, a pastor of many years experience who has led many tours to Israel and who has a unique teaching gift to bring the Bible alive. Below are the details of our next Bible tours in 2019.

The Last Days of Jesus

7th to 14th May 2019

On this tour will be focusing of the biblical narratives surrounding the last day of Jesus.It commences with Palm Sunday and culminates with the celebration of His resurrection.While many of these events have become familiar to us. They have over time equally become varnished by romantic embellishments and a western theological mind-set.Come with us and we will walk through those events together, scripture in hand, right where it all happened. We will expertly peel back those veneers, and reveal a rich, colourful tapestry woven together by Jewish tradition, Old Testament Messianic fulfilment and the eternal purposes of God.  The Bible will become alive to you, in a way that it never has before.

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The Early Days of Jesus

7th - 14th October 2019

On this tour will be focusing of the biblical narratives of the birth of Jesus.The birth of Jesus is something that believers celebrate every year, but what really took place?  When did it happen?  Who were the Magi? Could Jesus really be the Messiah according to Old Testament prophecies? And much more!

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