City of Life

The City of Life Congregation
is located in Sderot, southern Israel less than a mile from the border with Gaza. It was founded by a young Jewish-believer from Latvia named Dina who came to Israel as a student and found herself leading a small group of other student believers in the Negev city of Sderot in 2000.In 2006 a young Jewish believer from Ukraine came to the area as a new immigrant and quickly connected with these students who, by then, had grown into the beginnings of  full-fledged Kehila (congregation) also containing young families.  It wasn?t long before a romance blossomed and the two were married. Today, Michael is the spiritual leader of Ir HaChayim (City of Life). Its name is very meaningful to the local community because Hamas terrorists vowed to turn Sderot into a city of death, wiping it off the map completely.

Sderot is known in Israel as The "Bomb Shelter Capital of the World" because of its numerous bomb shelters some of which are built in the form of Children's Play areas in school playgrounds. In this atmosphere of violence the Lord has placed this wonderful congregation as a beacon of light to share the Gospel, pray and declare that this  is a City of Life and hope.

The city has constantly been a target of Qassam rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip causing that at least 75 percent of children aged 4?18 in Sderot suffer from post-traumatic stress, including sleeping disorders and severe anxiety. 

The congregation is involved with Holocaust survivors, the needy, single families and many others ? providing food, funds, diapers, furniture and much more. They are also active within the community through home groups, counseling and humanitarian aid facilities and truly a place that offers abundant life and help to this needy community.


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UK Charity number 803140
P.O.Box 3200
Essex RM3 9BD
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