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Christians and Israelis saving Arab babies' lives

For some years, many Christians in UK knew of a quiet, almost shadowy, Christian operation saving the lives of Palestinian babies from Gaza in partnership with an Israeli hospital.

Jonathan Miles, from his home in  Gaza itself, began moving sick babies from poverty-stricken Palestinian families into Israel for life-giving heart surgery at no cost to the family. This amazing ministry has Jewish surgeons and Christian care teams saving the lives of Arab babies in several Middle-Eastern countries. Latterly the ministry has opened a base in Kurdish Northern Iraq and has helped to save a stream of muslim babies by flying them in to Israel for free surgery, sponsored by Western Christians.

Miracles that took an Iraqi baby to Israel

This moving video tells the story of the first baby helped by the ministry from beyond Israel's borders, with the help of a US Army doctor, and officials in Jordan and Israel with miracles along the way!


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UK Charity number 803140
P.O.Box 3200
Essex RM3 9BD
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