Tree Of Life Israel

Tree of Life Israel is a dynamic media ministry run by two brothers, their friend and a team they have gathered around them. Through videos and social media they are reaching thousands of Israelis with the Gospel and seeing increasing numbers respond to His message of life.

The Messianic community in Israel used to be by necessity quieter, less conspicuous, sensitive to public opposition and religious persecution from orthodox Jewish groups. But today's generation of Messianic leaders are moving forward regardless of opposition and the movement has found more favour from secular Israelis than used to be the case.

We want to get behind this ministry, which is attracting all ages and backgrounds of Israelis to their Messiah, Yeshua. Visit their website, join their newsletter and contribute to their ongoing mission.

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UK Charity number 803140
P.O.Box 3200
Essex RM3 9BD
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