About St Paul's

The lovely old building of St Paul's Church has been the main base for FOI's work since one of our full-time workers rescued it from dereliction in 1975. After extensive refurbishment, the building was re-opened as a church and a ministry base and for some 15 years FOI's congregation worshipped there.

After the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem took back the main part of the building for his own use, FOI was restricted to the basement level and turned that into a worship room and accommodation for our team members.
(Photo - Rev Leonard Pearson,  founder of Pentecostal Jewish Mission, re-opening St Pauls Church for FOI in the 1970s)

Re-opening St Pauls
Our use of this lovely building has varied over the years. At the bottom you can see some images from our history there.

Today, after yet more refurbishment, FOI has a clean and comfortable study centre, in which we accommodate small Bible Study tours and cultural outreach teams sponsored by FOI from the UK.  We are also open  to other groups or individuals booking all or part of the centre for their own use when not occupied by our own groups (see link on the right).

Preaching in St Pauls

Preaching in the main church hall

Coffee bar in the church basement

Coffee bar in the basement

Meeting room St Pauls

Church basement meeting room


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